What is TroopScore?

TroopScore.com lets veterans and their families take control of their healthcare and benefits by seeing ratings and reviews from what other vets have said about providers and organizations before making a decision.  Which are the best options to live your best life as a veteran? What benefits have worked for others, and where are the problem areas?

Veterans and their Families Can See the Best, Most Trusted Resources.

After the appointment, it’s quick and easy to leave a free and anonymous rating that can help other veterans.  It lets patients highlight top performers, and spotlight problems faster than any other resource available.

Visit TroopScore.com for vet-to-vet reviews… from TroopScore on Vimeo.

It’s not just VA Healthcare-

The veteran in this video is like many others—he’s never used VA healthcare, but he has used the VA Home Loan and other benefits since his time in service.  It’s helped make a difference in his life.

The job that the Department of Veterans Affairs performs in serving vets and families is a challenging one-but the benefits they provide were hard-earned by vets and families.

While there are many, many great employees in the system, unfortunately, there are far too many at the VA that offer sub-standard work, or even worse, actively engage in forms of fraud, waste and abuse and then attempt to conceal their malfeasance.

The same is true of non-profits and service organizations: we need the best to rise to the top, not the most popular or those who would use veterans for their own ends.

TroopScore Is the Tool Veterans and Their Families Need.

That’s why TroopScore was created.  To bring a verified standard of trust and transparency, and to stand united with veterans, their families, and those who serve them.

Our Order of March:

TroopScore started with gathering real-time feedback from the veteran community, and adding depth to the limited surveying and feedback gathering that the VA does in determining the quality and efficiency of their healthcare facilities.

Now TroopScore is always ready, with every VA facility including Medical Centers, Community Based Outpatient Clinics, and more. TroopScore.com works great on any device, 24/7 and free for vets and families.

Now we’ve added education and training.  The positive potential for future success is the reason programs like the GI Bill and the Voc Rehab Chapter 31 were created.  The payback to the country is enormous. A standard and improved dedication to experience can lead to greater retention and success rates.  It’s a smart investment.

In Short-just start by listening.

Vets and their families have willingly sacrificed in ways that every American has benefitted from.  Simply saying ‘Thank you for your service’ can ring hollow with a malfunctioning VA.

The right answer is to listen to vets on TroopScore about the care and service they receive, and then finally fixing the shortcomings in the system with this data.

That would really thank us for our service.

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