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TroopScore statement on release of ‘secret’ internal VA Medical Center ratings.

Veteran-led startup launched earlier this year to provide independent reviews.


ASHEVILLE, NC (December 28, 2016)—TroopScore, the site of vet-to-vet reviews, was inadvertently validated last week when the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs released their internal ratings of 146 Medical Centers under pressure from members of Congress and public awareness due to articles in USA Today.


“This is confirmation that our nation’s veterans need to dramatically increase their role in the healthcare and benefits they have earned. The VA has admitted that ratings are the right way to bring transparency and accountability to their health care programs”, said Aaron Sanders, TroopScore Co-Founder and CEO. “TroopScore.com is ready to be the leading independent resource for veterans to give feedback to the system.”


Although the rankings were released for the larger Medical Centers, there were over 30 additional inpatient facilities missing, as well as the more than 1000 outpatient clinics the VA operates. Moreover, the federal Department of Veterans Affairs does not control the Veterans Affairs departments of individual states, which can also provide healthcare. TroopScore lists every federal inpatient facility, and is in the process of adding real-time ratings capabilities for all outpatient clinics and state facilities.

The VA is divided into two departments, the VHA, which oversees health care, and the VBA, which manages veterans’ benefits such as the GI Bill and Retirement Pensions. For Fiscal Year 2017, the Obama Administration requested over $180 Billion for the VA, but only $67 Billion is marked for healthcare. And despite recent improvements in healthcare delivery according to Rand and Harvard Business Review studies, there is still a steady flow of stories in the media highlighting failures and mistreatment of veterans at hospitals around the country.


“The VA’s healthcare ratings show that even the ‘nation’s largest health system’ realizes the value of veteran feedback. We at TroopScore applaud Representatives Dingell, Walberg, and Roby, along with Senator Ron Johnson and USA Today’s Donovan Slack, for their willingness to demand that all of our nation’s servicemembers are treated with respect and professionalism by the VA”, said Brandon Sirois, Co-founder and COO of TroopScore.


About TroopScore

Through the power of vet-to-vet reviews, TroopScore helps veterans and their families navigate life and VA health care and benefits. TroopScore is the tool for independent, authentic, and useful ratings and can be accessed on any computer or mobile device. TroopScore’s goals are to improve the accessibility, delivery, and quality of VA healthcare and benefits for veterans in order to increase participation, patient satisfaction, and outcomes. For more information visit https://www.troopscore.com.



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  1. Juanillomass on August 13, 2017 at 08:41

    Troopscore’s idea is great but the website is lacking. I have looked all over trying to find how to leave a review. I attend the SFVAMC and have had superb services and I’m delighted at the chance to tell someone about the facility. Better than any civilian facility I have ever been to and I’ve been to a few…

    How do I do it?

    Thank you.

    John Massey (…5024)

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