Many spouses of military veterans are taking the lead in advocating for their vet, even if their vet won’t speak for themselves. The same is true for the adult children of vets who aren’t content to stand by and watch family members suffer..

A 2011 Pew Research Center survey indicated that 61% of Americans have a veteran who is an immediate family member.

So although there are less than 20 Million vets, there are 10 times that many people that know a vet directly.

It’s time to speak up for the vets in our life.

News out of Boston this week that vets had been misdiagnosed for TBI at a rate of 1 in 6 in a recent review.

One of the signature wounds of the Post 9/11 wars has been Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI.  It’s unfortunate that although this is an ongoing area of research and not fully understood, the VA fails to take leadership in developing a better understanding of the issues surrounding TBI to improve their assessments, despite a copious amount of research subjects and data.

Boston is a center for research on TBI as well, which only adds to the egregious nature of this latest failing.  There are a number of physicians and scientists in the area that could have accurately diagnosed these veterans.

So the fact that they are failing in what is considered an epicenter of study and knowledge on TBI only makes you think that things might not be so great at the rest of the VA hospitals and in benefits applications as a whole.

Even worse, the VBA actively acts against Veteran and family member interests with misdiagnoses and by failing to make this a presumptive condition.

But the takeaway is that many vets may need help from others to speak up about what they are experiencing and how the system is serving them.

2/3 of America has a vet in their life.

Maybe you care about the vet in your life, or vets in general, and don’t want to see them mistreated. Or maybe you love your country and want to do right by it by speaking up for vets.

Maybe you don’t want to see your tax dollars or donations used in ways that leave vets worse off, or don’t ever get distributed beyond the administrators.

You can share your voice for your vet at

Speak up, even if your vet won’t.  Together, the voices of veterans and their families are loud enough to drive the change we all want to see happen for the veteran community and for America.

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