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Our Mission

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We Believe 'Veteran Life' ≠ 'Civilian Life'

The Challenge:

Life after military service present a unique series of challenges and opportunities for the diverse subpopulation of Americans called Veterans.

There are a broad spectrum of needs, possibilities, programs and providers that are available. A veteran and their family can benefit or be impacted across generations by their military service, and how they manage their life afterward.  Especially in Healthcare. 

Within the many support systems are a number of organizations and individuals that can impact and improve a vet's life: the VA, colleges and universities, job recruiters, the Federal and State governments, and even companies and their products and services.  But quality of life begins with one's mental, physical, and emotional health.

Time and again, there is a disconnect between the veteran and their family, and the provider. You can read a review and rating about almost everything today. And now there is a specific site for vets and their families.


Veteran Feedback is Essential to Transparency and Efficiency.


Our Mission:

We're driven by improving the experiences that veterans and their families have throughout their life after service.

We have four goals:

  1. Increase veteran satisfaction.
  2. Integrate with existing systems.
  3. Improve system efficiency and delivery.
  4. Help providers manage their reputation and promote their work.

How We Execute:

Our ratings system at TroopScore is strongly focused on patient satisfaction and perceptions of care.  

Accordingly, our proprietary ratings are inspired by and expand on existing standards from surveys such as the National Core Indicators (NCI) and Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS). TroopScore is not affiliated with either survey or entity.

We're also enhanced as an organization through our commitment to hiring veterans and their family members.

TroopScore reminds us that We're Still In This Together

Our Service and Support:

We try to walk the walk and provide the best support and service to all of our customers, starting with our veteran members and users who navigate, rate and review.

We're also here to help the VA and any entity which serves vets and their families, be it a business, service organization, college and university, non-profit, government agency, or healthcare provider of any size or form.

TroopScore is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our guarantee to our paying clients is complete satisfaction with our services or your money back. Cancel anytime.

Support also means more than operational assistance. It also means at least giving back if you don't #GiveFirst.

That's why we support the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV), and Patriot Boot Camp. We know first hand how powerful those programs can be to spur veteran tech entrepreneurship.

You can learn more about how we're Giving Back and all of the organizations we believe in here. 

Send the 'Hand and Arm Signal' Back

Command and Signal:

We're based in beautiful Western North Carolina in Buncombe County. We're a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business pending official certification.

You can find us at, or contact us about most anything veteran related by emailing us at

We are not affiliated with the Department of Veterans of Affairs, the Department of Defense, or any Veteran Service Organizations.

You can also click your favorite social media channel below to follow, like, or share us because you believe in what we're doing. It's just a couple of clicks to help make the change every veteran can use.

Soldiers crawling through mud together in Basic Training

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TroopScore gives veterans and military families a standard to help guide their healthcare decisions.
We accomplish this by certifying the efforts of VA and private healthcare providers through anonymous ratings from veterans and their families, reviews, and our proprietary methodology.


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TroopScore is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Use of Dept. of Defense (DoD) imagery does not constitute nor imply DoD endorsement.

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