Why did you build TroopScore?

“No one is coming—it’s up to us”.

It is so stark and blatantly honest.  Another veteran-owned company puts this phrase on a sticker.

The time for waiting hopefully for permanent and system-wide standards of care and service being achieved has been on the clock since President Andrew Johnson.  Vets are still waiting today.

Despite the best efforts of reformers, and the many organizations committed to the cause, and the goodwill and tax dollars of the nation, the situation is still not fixed.

Obviously then, it’s up to us.  The veterans, ourselves.

 Our personal contribution is TroopScore.

The goal is to give true agency to every veteran and their family members, should they choose to participate. This is a deliberate decision, like joining up was. A TroopScore review is a protective posture, and a firm reply to care and service that has been offered as the best that can be done.

It is an independent record as well.  It starts the clock so that people can see the delay between request for care and the delivery of it.

TroopScore is a response, composed of the accountability and integrity contained in every review, so affirmed by the vet or family member who wrote it.

TroopScore is also here in support of the many worthwhile programs and dedicated people working to improve efficiency & service at the Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefit Administration, and the thousands of veteran service organizations & non-profits.

TroopScore is a powerful way to support our commitment as a nation to not ignore problems at the VA, to prevent those that would deceptively harm or deceive veterans, and to fight the silencing of those who would speak up.

TroopScore is the tool to let us help the system work better for every vet.

No one is coming—it’s up to us.  Challenge Accepted.


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