Happy Birthday TroopScore-

It was just a short year ago that the team here committed to building a home at TroopScore.com for veterans and their families to use the power of ratings to change their lives for the better.

The idea for what became this company actually started in 2015, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as my co-founder and I discussed our experiences with VA Healthcare and Vocational Rehab while we were attending the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans at LSU.

At the time we each were working on other projects that were designed to help others.  But something was sticky about this idea.  It’s a no brainer really.

We live in a world of ratings and reviews.

It’s harder to get away with poor service or scams in many ways today, thanks to the presence of countless review sites to praise great performances or spotlight problems.

Yet an authentic, independent option from and for the veteran community was missing.

Where was the one site online that could be counted on to bring trust, beyond just reporting problems at the VA?  There wasn’t a way to empower vets with a voice that wasn’t easily tuned out.

So although the idea for TroopScore started in 2015, we finally got to work on it in June 2016.  In September of last year it became our primary focus and a formal company, and on Veterans Day 2016, our first version of the site launched.

We started by focusing on the Department of Veterans Affairs, but we’ve continued moving forward based on the many, many conversations that we’ve had with veterans, their families, and the organizations that serve them. We’ve also absorbed much of the growing body of research into the needs of the community.

Regardless if an organization is  governmental, private, or non-profit, it quickly became clear that they all needed a way to promote their services, to validate the good work they’re doing, to maintain their reputation online, and to really listen to what their veteran and family patients and customers were saying.  They needed the tools to help stand out and make the leverage their good work.

The challenges and opportunities of the veteran community involve much more than just the VA.

Education, employment recruiters, elected & appointed officials, and businesses of all sizes want to serve veterans, to hire them, to sell to them.  But outside of broader rating sites, there wasn’t a home dedicated to vets to amplify their voice AND focussed on improving and showcasing those who treat us the best.  There were only incomplete directories of providers, and half-hearted attempts to gather reviews until TroopScore.com was born.

And so in our second year, we’re much more positive about the impact that speaking up can have on a vet and family member’s experience and engagement.

We see the potential and power of what a committed and independent resource that TroopScore.com can be.

Moving forward, we will continue to add new listings, while always improving the categories we have.  Our success will come by partnering with organizations that understand the value and impact that TroopScore can have on outcomes, profitability, and efficiency.

If you’re a veteran or their family, take control of your life with a rating and review at TroopScore.com for free.  Pass the word to other vets, and share your experience.

And we’ll look forward to another year of being Veteran Reviews HQ.



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