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Our Values

TroopScore's Icon is an American flag blue circle inside which has a white star with a red checkmark in the middle.

What We Value:

At TroopScore, we believe in giving first. It's who we are-and a big part of why we joined the military. We love the quote by the great Muhammed Ali, 

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth."

We value honesty, integrity, respect, and perseverence.  

We strive to achieve balance in all we do, whether that's ensuring our business relationships strike the right balance of value and profitability for all parties.  We measure success primarily in human terms, but we appreciate the efficiency and performance that can come with business acumen.  We hope to achieve that, with the intent to better life for as many vets and their family as possible.

We're not so foolish as to think that we can completely reform the VA system. But we are sure that by building a tool for veterans to help one another navigate and provide feedback, both vets and the system will improve.

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TroopScore gives veterans and military families a standard to help guide their healthcare decisions.
We accomplish this by certifying the efforts of VA and private healthcare providers through anonymous ratings from veterans and their families, reviews, and our proprietary methodology.


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TroopScore is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Use of Dept. of Defense (DoD) imagery does not constitute nor imply DoD endorsement.

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