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Frequently Asked Questions

TroopScore's Icon is an American flag blue circle inside which has a white star with a red checkmark in the middle.

What is TroopScore?

TroopScore is a ratings and review site for the veteran and military community and their families. Our long-term goal is to bring transparency and accountability to the VA healthcare and benefits system, and the organizations who serve veterans by adding the voice of this community.

By highlighting the best-performing healthcare professionals, hospitals, and VSO's, and by identifying poor performers, TroopScore will create an open dialogue between the VA and the veterans it serves, with an objective of improving quality of care.

How Does it Work?

It's super easy:

(1) Sign up for an account.

(2) Navigate: See how your doctors, VSO's, and other service providers stack up, and make better-informed decisions when seeking care or assistance.

(3) Rate & Review: Add your feedback. Together, our voices matter and review by review we'll encourage VA accountability, transparency, and systems improvement.

Who should use TroopScore?

Veterans of any branch, current military, and their families are invited to join TroopScore—and it will always be free. Your voices are the key to TroopScore's ability to achieve our vision of an improved VA. And because your feedback is an invaluable resource, providers, hospitals, and VSO's should join for access.

How much is it?

TroopScore is always free to veterans, current military, and their families. There are membership and sponsorship opportunities for organizations who serve, businesses, media, and private providers. Contact us at for more information.

What about my privacy?

At TroopScore, we respect members' desire for privacy. We also need to verify each member's identity to ensure that ratings and reviews are fair and authentic. With that in mind, our system allows members to use an alternate profile name after being verified using our regular sign in with Facebook or email. Once confirmed, a member may use their TroopScore ID or Facebook username as their profile. This can be changed at any time by going to the MyProfile page and adjusting the settings.

Are you a non-profit?

No, we are a for-profit business started by two veterans with over 22 years of service between them.

Because TroopScore is for profit, we can adapt to changing conditions among veterans, healthcare, and technology.  We're also an independent resource that provides a verifiable ratings score independent of the system.  And last, we help doctors, health pros, hospitals and health systems save money and connect with patients better.  It's a win for everybody.

Are you part of the VA?

TroopScore is an independent, for-profit company that is not affiliated with the US or individual state Departments of Veterans Affairs.  And we're always free for veterans.

What does "Every Vet, Every Visit" mean?

That's our rallying call here at TroopScore.  It's very straightforward: lets' have a Healthcare and Benefits system that works for every vet, and the American Taxpayer.  Reviews and ratings help solve that, especially when they are in real-time, with a goal of helping ensure equality of access to every vet.

You'll see it lots of times with the hashtag #EveryVetEveryVisit as we try to push the idea across social media.  Help us share it won't you?

Where can I find TroopScore?

TroopScore works great on any computer or mobile device at

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Our Instagram and YouTube pages will be live in early 2017.

For Veterans, Active Military, and Family

Why should I use TroopScore?

TroopScore is for veterans by veterans in response to our own experiences at the VA. There have been a number of efforts at reforming and improving the system. Although some have been successful, the VA continues to be plagued by grave issues that cause catastrophic impacts to veterans and their loved ones. Our nation's veterans deserve better. TroopScore introduces real-time feedback into the system to encourage efficiency, increased quality of care, and improved outcomes.

When Should I Use TroopScore?

As soon as you need an appointment! Once you've called your provider for healthcare or another service, start the clock with TroopScore. That helps everyone see how long things are taking, and it promotes timely service. At every step of the process, you can rate and review so that the provider can see what's working and what's not. And you create a record of your experience that is undeniable.

Why Use TroopScore Instead of a Different Ratings Site?

TroopScore is the leader in rating and reviewing the VA. It was built by combat veterans for other veterans because we understand the challenges and opportunities for veterans in the VA system.There will also be outcome data available to verify quality claims from within the VA system.

Why should I bother rating? It doesn't do any good.

Your rating will be heard at TroopScore, even if you leave it anonymously.  

Feedback may have been ignored in the past, but now with TroopScore we will have veterans' ratings and reviews that won't be swept away.  Situations at hospitals will be much more transparent, which should lead to greater accountability and awareness within the vet community.

So TroopScore is just a place for complaints?

Definitely not–by highlighting top performers, we can discover what's working well.

But yes, there are a lot of vets who have kept mistreatment to themselves because that's built in typically within the personality.  Now they are opening up, and Facebook isn't the place to do it.  It's in connection with other vets, moving things forward, and making the system work finally.

What do you do with my information?

Your privacy and security are of top importance to us.  That's why we don't hold onto your payment information at any time, and use a third-party provider to process the transaction if you are on a corporate account.

As to veteran information, we have an SSL security validation, and we make every effort to secure an and all information you provide under TroopScore's Terms of Use.  You may opt out of this agreement at any time for any reason.

We also ensure that you have the ability to provide reviews with a user name of your choosing to ensure anonymity.

How do you protect my identity?

When you create an account, you are given the option to create your own, anonymous user name.  You can also contact us at if you'd like to change your user name.

There is also the option for you to opt out and close your account at any time, for any reason. 

For Providers, Businesses, and Media

Why should VA doctors, nurses, and staff use TroopScore?

TroopScore can help medical and administrative professionals in many ways. By connecting you to patient feedback, we provide a platform for you to validate quality of care and understand the impact of your services. We help to improve outcomes by increasing patient engagement and participation. And we help you maintain your reputation by offering options to respond to ratings and reviews. CHOICE providers will gain special access to the veteran community and potential new patients.

How can TroopScore help businesses?

As a conduit to reach the veteran and military community, TroopScore is an outstanding partner for business. We can help promote your business, help you identify your top employees, and let you know about problems. You can also show your support for America's vets by becoming a partner or subscriber with TroopScore. For more information, contact us at

Why is TroopScore important to the media?


Now local, national, and freelance media will have access to near real-time conditions for veterans. Scandals and failures will be far easier to identify-they'll be found in reviews on TroopScore. There will also be outcome data available to verify quality claims from within the VA system.

What makes TroopScore better than other options in the market?

Other sites don't focus on the veteran community and their family.  If they do focus on vets, many of them are not veteran owned, and even less are owned by service disabled combat vets, like we are.

Then you add that our first focus is on improving the lives of vets and their families by helping to finally fix the VA Healthcare and Benefits systems.  

We believe that TroopScore can accomplish this, based on our understand of our fellow vets, our past experiences working in non-profits and in collaboration with civic and private agencies, and our dedication to established models and methodologies.

How can I make TroopScore a powerful advantage?

Contact us at today.

Questions or Suggestions?

Shoot us a quick email and we'll get back to you right away.

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TroopScore gives veterans and military families a standard to help guide their healthcare decisions.
We accomplish this by certifying the efforts of VA and private healthcare providers through anonymous ratings from veterans and their families, reviews, and our proprietary methodology.


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TroopScore is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Use of Dept. of Defense (DoD) imagery does not constitute nor imply DoD endorsement.

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