Because Every Voice Matters

It’s easy to think that you’re on your own when dealing with the challenges that can come with finding success in your life after military service.

There is a ton of information available, and thousands of providers and a bunch of coordinated networks. They all claim to be dedicated to helping with the major decisions vets make when they get out.

But these decisions don’t stop shortly after transition.  There are opportunities and benefits you’ve earned that can help you win throughout the rest of your ‘Veteran Life’.

So yes, there are people and organizations that can help, but there are gaps in connecting services and delivery due to a number of reasons, such as timing, awareness, customer experience, and communication.  It’s a system full of inefficiency, and occasionally fraud and abuse.

Veteran Life Impacts the Whole Family

Unfortunately, the focus is almost solely on the veteran for all of these major decisions.  Only now are caregivers and other family members beginning to see the overdue recognition for their part.

For spouses and family members, getting information second-hand through the vet can mean missing out on valuable benefits that the veteran has earned through their service, and which their family is eligible for but unaware.

Like most people today, many vets and their families search for information and reviews to find out about benefits and providers, discounts and jobs.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way  that they could trust what they find online, powered by the reviews and ratings of other vets and family on the things that matter most?

Reviews Are Powerful

When faced with an important decision, it pays to know who you’re doing business with.  One easy way to protect yourself is through a recommendation. We like to do business with people we know, or at least with people who we know through others.  Online reviews work the same, but for our modern world.

Between Healthcare, College education and training, Home Loans & Financial Services, and many other benefits, veterans have a lifetime of possibility for success, earned by their service. And a gaggle of providers for those services and benefits.

But there are also many dangers here, ranging from fraudulent providers, or even simply overworked providers. The best deserve the resources and awareness of potential veteran clients and customers.

Reviews Bring Transparency

There is a way vets can know if they’re going to get good care and service, and to make their voice heard. Even better, family members can finally be the advocates they are, and to share their feedback with others.

Vets and families can take control at

It’s Also for Dedicated Providers and Organizations

For organizations, whether they are colleges and universities, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, Veterans Service Organizations, or the VA-if they are dedicated to serving veterans or selling to them, claiming their listing on TroopScore shows that they care about providing the best experience.  It shows that they are transparent, and walking the walk.

By engaging veterans through ratings and feedback, providers become more efficient, and can showcase their successes, skills and specialties.  It’s a true win-win.

With TroopScore, veterans, their families, and the organizations that serve them can take control of their veteran life, and make every voice count.

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