It seems like just about every website out there is asking you to “sign up”. Here are 3 reasons why it is actually worth signing up at


1. It’s not your Facebook account- is a place where veterans can have open dialogues about our VA care and service without it being visible to all of our friends, neighbors, and potential employers on Facebook and other social media channels. And if you prefer to be anonymous, you can be. has a secure login and we will never share your information with third parties.


2. We offer an independent rating system- 

We are vets ourselves, and we’ve done our homework. offers a rating system that is based on satisfaction standards guided by established evaluators like National Core Indicators and HCAHPS.

Our rating system focuses on standards that are considered best practices across the board—things like scheduling, wait times, staff training/attitude, and privacy. And to make rating as quick and easy as possible, guides you with specific questions and an intuitive 5 star rating-system. But a rating doesn’t let you tell your story, so we encourage you to leave a detailed, personalized review as well.


3. Be a part of the solution-

Veterans and their family members can clearly articulate the experience of maneuvering the VA system, good and bad. Nobody knows better than we do; we are the customers. An archive of candid and honest voices cannot be denied, and listening with the intent to understand leads to solutions. Your review might just be the missing piece that helps keep the system accountable and transparent.


Visit today to create your FREE account and leave a review.

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